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Trivia Night at Palace Pub & Wine Bar

Cape Coral, FL, Mondays at 7:30 pm EST

On Mondays, join us for a night of trivia, wine and prizes at Palace Pub & Wine Bar in Cape Coral, FL for a Know Nonsense Trivia Challenge! What makes our trivia different? Our quiz questions are written fresh weekly, based on topic suggestions made by our players (i.e. YOU)! Win a free bottle of wine for being the high-scoring team in each of three rounds. Add to your overall score throughout the event by answering bonus questions and doubling your confident answers! Then, push your luck with a wager to win the grand prize for the evening’s winners! Bring your A-game and join us every Monday at Palace Pub & Wine Bar for another Know Nonsense Trivia Challenge!

PLEASE NOTE: In order to maintain health and safety guidelines, we will no longer ask players to bring their answer sheets to the Quizmaster for marking. After each round, please remain seated and the Quizmaster or venue staff will collect your team’s answer sheet directly from your table.

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