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Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast 🎧 Episode 20: Come, Pop Pop


Featured Questions

  • Which south-central U.S. state was the last to recognize Christmas as a legal holiday?
  • The Mist, Here There Be Tygers, The Raft, and Survivor Type are all titles of short stories collected in Skeleton Crew, an anthology featuring the work of what author?
  • In which sport would you perform an Adolph?
  • In April of 1981, the first Space Shuttle orbitor was launched into space by NASA going by what name?
  • What is the heaviest chemical element on the periodic table that has a one-letter abbreviation?
  • Who did Vanity Fair call “the most important architect in our age” in 2010, and is known for his experimental style in designs such as the Guggenheim Museum in Spain, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles?
  • What palindromic word is the name for a baby bat?
  • Known for hit songs such as “Video Games” and “Summertime Sadness,” pop singer-songwriter Elizabeth Woolridge Grant is better known by what name?
  • Which car company did Christian von Koenigsegg found in 1994?
  • In 1901, six seperate British self-governing colonies gained their independence when they united to form The Federation of what?
  • The tranquilizer diazepam is better known by what trademarked name?
  • What popular brand of snack food started as a side at a resteraunt in Disneyland?
  • In which state would you find the Petrified Forest National Park?
  • Virginia picked up a new member of Congress this election, Denver Riggleman, who’s instagram reveals to be an author of erotica based on what mythological creature?
  • The choreographer of the movie “High School Musical” also choreographed what popular 1987 movie?
  • Ruth Handler is credited with developing what toy in the middle of the 1900’s?

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